About CASA


The Ceylon Association of Shipping Agents ( CASA ), Established in 1944, has a long history, tracing its origins to the Ceylon Shipping Committee set up in 1944. It has now served the Shipping Community for over 6 decades and is currently in its 73rd year in existence.

CASA's Membership comprises 127 Licensed Ships' Agents, representing all International Shipping Lines of repute. Most use the Port of Colombo as a Trans- shipment Hub due to it's very strategic location along the main International Shipping Lanes, as well as for the discharging & loading of both containerized and Break Bulk local Import & Export cargo, including Liquid Bulk, Vehicles from Ro-Ro vessels, Multi Country Consolidations, Bunkering, Ship repairs etc on a regular basis.

CASA is now the leading voice of the Shipping Industry in Sri Lanka .

CASA 's existence over these long years, its success and its acceptance in all quarters are essentially due to its consultative nature in character, contributing qualitatively through it ability to draw regularly on the wisdom & the wealth of knowledge of it's galaxy of experienced & distinguished Shipping personalities in addressing complex issues of both the present & the future. CASA contributes regularly towards the formulation of National Maritime Policy..


The Primary Objects of CASA are defined in section 3A of the Memorandum & Articles of the Association as:

• To effect an interchange of ideas, information and business methods as a means of increasing the efficiency and usefulness of members

• To take such steps as may be necessary or conducive towards the betterment of the interests of the industry & of its members

• To represent and advocate the views of the Association to the Government Authorities concerned.

These objectives are achieved through regular dialogue with:

• The Ministry of Ports and Highways of the Government of Sri Lanka

• The Department of Merchant Shipping

• The Sri Lanka Ports Authority

• The Sri Lanka Customs

• And with a number of other associated Government Departments/Institutions, Trade Associations etc., connected with the Shipping Industry.


CASA Weekly

CASA also publishes " CASA Weekly ", providing weekly updates of the movement of all Ships to & from the Port of Colombo to worldwide destinations. The magazine has a wide circulation and is well accepted by the Importers, Exporters and the International Trading community.


The CASA Secretariat

CASA operates from it's own Secretariat, conveniently located at: 56, Ward Place, Colombo 7. The Secretariat is staffed with a full time Secretary General and, Accountant ably supported by a small well-knit team.


The functions of the association are directed by an Executive Committee that is elected annually at its Annual General Meeting (held usually in early July of each year), which comprises:

Chairman, Vice Chairman & Treasurer

And nine Committee Members.

The elected Executive Committee co-opts two additional Members, with experience in specialized areas of Shipping, not already represented by the elected members to the committee . The Executive Committee then appoints seven committees to specialize in different areas of activity. These committees are:

  • Container Operations Main Line & Feeder Operators
  • Break Bulk, Bulk, Tankers, Casual Callers & Bunkering
  • Documentation & Information Technology
  • Education & Training
  • Public Relations & Publicity
  • Maritime Security Services
  • Finance & Tariff Committee
  • Membership Activities Committee
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